Our Services

Ashok Sharma Architects provides full architecture services in Ludhiana, from concepts and permitting to contract documents for institutional, industrial and residential projects, as well as adaptive re-use and historic preservation.

Architecture architecture services in Ludhiana

Our interior and exterior designer in Ludhiana include conceptual and schematic design, design development and construction documentation. Once the vision for the design is fully developed, we issue construction documents and specifications for the construction manager or contractor to use during the construction process. interior and exterior designer in Ludhiana

Planning & Development | interior and exterior designer in Ludhiana

Our planning services include streamlining design and construction processes, helping clients make essential decisions regarding multiple aspects of their projects and innovative approaches that suit our clients’ needs. architecture services in Ludhiana

Structural Engineering

Our experienced team of structural engineers consistently communicates with the architectural team to ensure structural considerations are incorporated into designs from day one. This close cooperation translates into buildings that are workable. architecture services in Ludhiana

Interior Design | interior and exterior designer in Ludhiana

A building’s interior says a lot about its potential in terms of possible uses and conceivable look and feel. We keep the client’s vision, inputs and tastes in mind to offer creative and intelligent responses to their requirements. We are providing Interior home Designing services in Punjab area and going to cover our Architecture services in Ludhianainterior and exterior designer in Ludhiana